Peter Z – Program Director/Fill-In

Peter Z wasn’t born and raised in the Tri-State…but he got here as quick as he could.  A native of Buffalo, New York, Peter moved here for the almost-tropical winters.  Seriously.  Have you ever spent a winter in Buffalo?

Peter’s career started in high school and runs right through today.  He’s worked in all kinds of radio formats, because he loves music…period.  About the only thing you won’t find in his extensive collection is hip-hop and heavy metal/heavy rock.

Peter is responsible for all-aspects of the station operations and occasionally fills-in on the air.

Outside of work, Peter’s very social…always looking for something fun to do in the community with a group of friends.  From the art scene to a tractor pull, if people are congregating…he’s “in”.

Live music in small venues is also a fun time for him.  He’d rather sit in a bar or club enjoying local talent than sitting in a stadium full of people watching a concert from way-far-away from the stage.