Ernie Brown – Weekdays 2:00pm-7:00pm

Ernie has been in radio for over 45-years, all but 5 of them in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. In that span, he has experienced everything you could imagine, from small market stuff like The Farm Report, Swap Shop and news to major league sports, and even sales!

Ernie spent ten-years at WEBN during its heyday in Cincinnati and he will tell you, “Yes, it was awesome!” After leaving WEBN, he moved over to 94.9’s Classic Rock channel, when it was The Fox! Around 1998, he moved on to country radio! First, it was ‘Young Country’, then ‘Y-96.’ He even spent some time on WGRR, spinning some Oldies! In the words of The Man In Black, Ernie can truly say, “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man.”

Ernie says, “Growing up in the area during the 60’s-70’s, we were exposed to a lot of great music of all kinds. It gave me a great appreciation of the craft.” You can tell when you hear him on the air, he is comfortable with every aspect of broadcasting – an unusually versatile broadcaster.

“When I have free time, I am on the Ole Blue 92 – my beloved Harley Davidson, attending my grandson’s games or doing yard work (said no one…).”