Classic Country 105.9 Silverado Sweepstakes Official Rules


“Classic Country 105.9 Silverado Sweepstakes”

Presented By: WNKN Radio & Joseph Chevrolet

Official Rules and Regulations


  1. No purchase necessary to enter or win this contest.
  2. You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license and and be a legal resident within a 75-mile radius of our radio transmitting tower on Sophie Avenue in Middletown, OH in order to register and win.
  3. As a condition of participation, all contestants agree to abide by these rules and to sign a copy of them the day of the giveaway at Joseph Chevrolet.
  4. This contest is not open to employees of Grant County Broadcasters, Joseph Chevrolet, competing car dealerships or other contest sponsors, public relations, promotions, employees of other broadcast or cable outlets, or advertising agencies associated with contest sponsors or family members of said employees.
  5. Only one key winner per household.
  6. Only one key can be won per person.
  7. Prize: A two-year lease of a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado, VIN #1gcvkpec2jz364946. The lease provides for 10,000 miles per year. Excess mileage fees will be the responsibility of the winner. Winner must meet all manufacturer and dealer established qualifying credit criteria in order to receive the lease. Cash Alternative: Instead of the aforementioned two year Chevy Silverado lease, the winner may opt to receive $5,000.00 (five thousand dollars) cash from Joseph Chevrolet. In the event that the winner does not meet the aforementioned credit criteria, the winner will receive the cash alternative. By participating in the contest (and signing below) all contestants agree that the only prizes to be awarded in this contest are the Silverado lease described herein OR the cash alternative and that the cash alternative shall constitute an acceptable substitute for said lease if preferred by the winner or required due to winner credit limitations. Under no circumstances will any prize substitutions be allowed. The decision of Joseph Chevrolet and Grant Co. Broadcasters regarding this provision are absolutely final. No participation in the contest under any other circumstances is permitted and all contestants agree to these rules as a condition for participation.
  8. The vehicle will be given away at a grand-finale remote broadcast on August 26, 2018.
  9. Beginning June 25, 2018, the radio station will run an on-air contest up to 3 times per weekday. Each winning caller wins a key to a lock box.
  10. Key winners must attend the Grand Prize Giveaway remote on Sunday, August 26, 2018 from 1-3pm at Joseph Chevrolet on Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati, OH.
  11. Key winners must check-in at the event by 12:45pm, and present a valid driver’s license to participate. Any key winner who is not eligible or is unable to prove eligibility will not be permitted to participate in the contest. No other persons can participate or will be eligible to win the grand prize.
  12. A lock box will contain the ignition key to the Chevy Silverado described above. Each key holder will be given a chance to open the lock box with the key they have selected. Attempts to unlock the lock box will continue until such time as one person opens the lockbox, retrieving the vehicle key held inside.
  13. The order in which key winners will attempt to open the lock box will be determined by random drawing. Each qualifier will choose a number randomly at the time of check-in. In numerical order, each qualifier will choose a key.  Only one key will be given out at a time.  Each person will choose a key after the person before him/her has attempted to open the lockbox. Only one key will open the lockbox.  There will be as many keys as there are qualifiers present at the giveaway.
  14. The first person to open the lockbox with their selected key wins. The contest ends as soon as the box is unlocked.  No other attempt to unlock the box will be permitted, and keys must immediately be returned to station personnel.
  15. The grand-prize winner is responsible for reporting and paying all taxes on all prizes, including state sales taxes. The winner must provide his/her social security number for IRS reporting purposes.
  16. Prize is non-transferable, not exchangeable and will be awarded in the name of the winner only.
  17. By accepting the prize, the winner consents to the use, without further permission or compensation, of his/her voice, photo and likeness for promotional advertising purposes in any and all media selected by WNKN.
  18. In return for being permitted to participate in this contest, all participants agree to release Grant Co. Broadcasters, Inc. DBA WNKN Radio, Joseph Chevrolet, participating sponsors, their parent and affiliated companies and all of their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability for injuries or damages of any kind sustained while involved in any contest activity or through the use of the prizes.
  19. The odds of winning a key is dependent upon the number of callers to the station during the contest periods. The odds of winning the grand prize is dependent on the number of key winners attending the giveaway on August 26, 2018, but maximum odds are 1 in 106.
  20. In all matters pertaining to contest eligibility, the awarding of prizes and interpretation of these rules, the decision of the management of WNKN is final.
  21. WNKN management may end this contest or extend this contest at any time without prior notice.
  22. All participants must sign a statement on August 26, 2018 at the grand prize giveaway at Joseph Chevrolet acknowledging they have read and understand the contest rules. All persons competing in this contest shall be deemed to have read and understand these rules.
  23. Entrants in this contest grant permission to be contacted by the sponsors of the contest for future marketing efforts.
  24. A complete copy of these rules is available at the WNKN studios located at 118 S. Main St., Dry Ridge, Kentucky 41035 during regular business hours for the duration of the contest. Rules will also be posted at
  25. The name of the winner will be announced on the air and displayed at
  26. WNKN reserves the right to disqualify any person it determines is not following contest rules.
  27. Any contest rules updates or changes will be announced on WNKN at approximately 7:30am on the day the change is to take effect and an addendum outlining the change will be available at the station and on the station website at
  28. No more than the advertised number of prizes will be awarded.  If by reason of error or other reason more than the advertised number of prizes is claimed, all persons making purported valid claims will be included in a random drawing to award the advertised number of prizes available.
  29. WNKN, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process or otherwise in violation of these rules. It further reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or modify the contest if it is determined that it is not capable of completion as planned due to tampering, technical failures, or any other cause.





I hereby confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the “Classic Country 105.9 Silverado Sweepstakes” rules and procedures as a condition for my participation in the contest.



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